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Motels in Armidale

A Pet Friendly Hotel Armidale

Finding a clean and comfortable motel while traveling can be a challenge, but not if you know where to book your room in advance. If you want to find a pet friendly location with great prices and consistently great service, you need to book your reservation at Deer Park Motor Inn. We are a top provider of excellent rooms for individuals, couples, and families. Our safe and convenient location is perfect for relaxing while passing through or for a more extended stay while on vacation. We have the accommodations you want, including plenty of room options. Don't forget to check out our deer herd or even feel them if you are feeling adventurous. We are the best place to stop to enjoy a good night's rest when you have your furry friend along for the journey.

We are one of the top motels in Armidale, and you should book a room with us today if you like saving money and getting a comfortable, clean room in a great location. Anytime you need to stay the night or even several days when you are in the area, you can count on us to deliver a top quality experience. In addition to great prices and clean rooms, we also have a restaurant on site and offer a quiet, serene property that is great for individuals and families, Covid-19 restrictions apply. You can also enjoy watching our friendly deer herd, and you can even feed them on the property if you want an up close and personal experience. Customers also have several options to get great discounts in addition to the already great prices we offer. We currently have a pre-pay discount for even more savings in addition to our discount for booking through our website via the internet. And, as always, we have a representative ready to assist you if you have questions or concerns you would like addressed. We want to make your stay a good one, so choose us for your motel needs.

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