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Payment via Mobile Phone

Convert & Save 5%

If you don't want to get all the details we offer you an additional saving of 5% if you book with us and you cancel your original booking. Just respond to the text message with providing your email (Both and Expedia scramble them up) or call us on 02 6772 9999 and we'll send you a new confirmation email with the cheaper price at the same conditions. Once you receive the confirmation you just need to cancel the original booking with the respective booking site  (see their original confirmation email for the cancellation link (It's usually towards the bottom in smaller print)

If you wonder why we would do that here are the facts....

Love them or loath them, the likes of and Expedia groups and their affiliated websites are a necessary 'evil" in the way consumers book accommodation as nobody can match the funds these multinational companies pour into customer experience and ease of finding and booking accommodation across the globe.

However, there are a few things these giants don't want you to know...

  • Both behemoths operate from overseas. Depending on the location and chain affiliation they have a booking share between 45 and 80%

  • Neither pays GST in Australia but lets Australian businesses pay GST on their behalf

  • Both operate a number of websites as 'shop fronts' so chances are you are using one of their sites when you are not booking on the official website of the accommodation provider

  • We pay both companies a ' booking compensation' aka commission of 15% for any booking arriving at the motel which goes overseas. You can pay less but that drops you further down the list or you can get higher up the list if you pay more (which we don't).

  • Both companies check constantly google and TripAdvisor to check if you sell rates cheaper on your own website or their competition. If you do,  your 'score' drops and you are relegated to a spot further down their display list

  • Commission is mostly for the privilege of making a bookings as most of the customer care is then left to the accommodation business. You may have noticed that you can't find the phone number or email until you made the booking and from that moment they suggest to contact the hotel/motel 

Why don't we give you the whole 15% you ask... At the moment each guest pays for the commission cost regardless how they book by blending the total commission cost in the rate amount. By giving 5% to those guests who convert to direct booking we can provide you with a saving and maintain our current rates with the current cost increases.  


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